Commercial Landscaping

Not all landscaping teams are created equal. Many don’t specialise in commercial landscape designs. We are able to form a design and install large or small landscapes depending on your needs.

Need a roof landscape or an interior landscape? We understand the needs of indoor planting and rooftop plants more than most landscaping teams in Australia. With a national coverage we know more about weather conditions and the right types of plants for all areas.

Our experts can advice on hardwearing and resistant planting for commercial areas, and design something that provides the right image and feel for your office/commercial environment.


We a range of landscapers available Projex Landscaping is able to offer the advice and range available to make a all the difference.


From our customer service call centre to our designers and installers, all of our team are here for you to easily install your new landscape.


Contact us for more information on our designs, qualifications and awards.


All of our designs can be customised to suit your needs. Don’t settle for something out of the box, especially if you want to create a unique feel for your business.

Our team are trained to be able to redesign and create a new landscape for your commercial environment.  Learn more about our tailored landscaping or customised landscaping designs to suit your needs.

New Age Design

We live in a different world today, and although fast paced, many people are looking for the latest and greatest innovation in design.

We like to stay updated and learn more about the latest design and techniques used in the industry. We update all our employees with latest news and tips for landscaping.

Free Quote and Design

Commerical Landscaping isn’t the same as residential landscaping. Our team have worked on heaps of concepts allowing our staff to be able to provide excellent advice for your next design.

We can provide professional advice, quotes and proposals for all projects or commercial needs. If you have any specific requirements call us or email us for a consultant and local provider to get in contact.